A Youth Assembly for Wales

One of the first campaigns Theo championed was for a Youth Assembly for Wales back in late 2015. This is now something the Welsh Government supports,  a credit to the work of Theo.

The Welsh Assembly chamber.

The Welsh Assembly chamber.

Theo wrote a proposal for a Youth Parliament, rejected by the First Minister, but continued to appear in the media in Wales to discuss his ideas and the campaign.

The Youth Assembly is a vital idea to our democracy in Wales... we [Wales] are being left behind in its Youth and this has the power to change that.
— Theo, writing in the IWA in 2015

He wrote for  two of Wales' leading think-tanks, the Institute for Welsh Affairs and Gorwel, on the matter.  As a result of his work, Theo was nominated and shortlisted as a finalist in the Leading in Wales awards in 2015.

Establishing a well-resourced youth assembly is a crucial step in ensuring future youth participation in Welsh politics.
— Conservative education spokesman Darren Millar, 2016