Christmas in Cardiff

Theo was an intern at the Wales Governance for the Christmas period in 2017. It was an incredibly valuable experience for him to work with some of Wales' leading political scientists and academics at Cardiff University.

The Wales Governance Centre is a research unit at Cardiff University. It is based on a partnership between the Department of Politics and International Relations, and Cardiff Law School.

He worked under the supervision of the Director, Professor Richard Wyn Jones, and assisted academics such as the Political Studies Association's Communicator of the Year, Professor Roger Scully, and Dr Rachel Minto, a leading Brexit expert in Wales.

Theo largely assisted Rachel with her latest project into institutions of the European Union, producing a detailed research document on the European Union Committee of the Regions.

Professor Wyn Jones has described Theo as an "ideal intern", and was particularly impressed by the way he interacted with the Centre's staff, who range from PhD students to his senior professorial colleagues.


Theo joined the Centre to spend a period of time as an intern. During that time he made a truly excellent impression on my colleagues and I; so much so that I very much hope we will be able to welcome him back some time in the future! 

Professor Richard Wyn Jones, Director of the Wales Governance Centre