Taking Talent to Wales

Darogan is a new venture that endeavours to improve Wales’ employment sector and economy by linking the nation’s best employers and the most exceptional students from some of the best universities in the world.

It was established by Oxford students to create an online network which aims to address the issue of the “Brain Drain” in our country.

Theo joined forces with PhD student Owain James, 25, to form the leadership executive of Darogan. Their aim is to create a network of students to come back to Wales and contribute to our politics, economy and culture.

Theo with co-chair Owain James

Theo with co-chair Owain James

Darogan also gained the support of Dame Hilary Boulding, who formerly worked for BBC Wales and served as Principal of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. She is President of Trinity College, University of Oxford, and supports our work in her position as Honorary President of Darogan.

The name ‘Darogan’ itself reflects the ethos of the new initiative. It refers to the ‘Mab Darogan’ (The Son of Destiny) in ancient Welsh mythology. The old Welsh bards prophesied that this messianic figure would return one day, after a long period of slumber, perhaps, or a journey to a foreign land, in order to redeem the nation. But now, in the twenty-first century, we need more than just one figure to return to Wales: we need thousands. If we do not ensure we bring our brightest back to Wales, there is little hope for the development of our economy and industry.

Theo’s work with Darogan shows his dedication to public service and his ability to carry messages of organisations in different contexts. He has managed the strategy, content and delivery of this initiative.

To find out more visit www.darogancymru.com