Getting the message across...

Theo has a great interest in communications and public relations.

Most of his work, after all, is in the realm of communicating messages and campaigns. He has co-ordinated social media campaigns, such as #CofioJim, as well as established and marketed successful organisations in a crowded market, like the Oxford University Media Society.

Theo is active on Twitter and LinkedIn, and enjoys connecting with people from different backgrounds and experiences.

To pursue this interest, while looking for internships in the Summer of 2018, Theo accepted an offer (out of many) to work with Portland Communications in London. 

During his time at one of the leading political communications consultancies in the UK, Theo impressed his supervisors in his work - being described as a "diligent" and as a "first-rate" employee (the full recommendation from his supervisor is here).

During his time at Portland, Theo covrered a diverse brief.

His tasks included: research tasks on media coverage of specific campaigns driven by British media; analysis of parliamentary voting patterns of certain issues; working with senior account managers and executives on their clients; event management assistance; media research for clients; briefings for high profile executives within the consultancy; proof reading documents to be published; extensive research on figures in finance and politics;  and monitoring of parliamentary select committees.

Therefore, with this experience, as well as his many other skills gained from working in different media channels, Theo is well-suited to competitive and challenging working environments upon his graduation in 2019.