Commentator and Communicator


I have run a series of interesting and successful campaigns over recent years, which have normally been in the domain of politics and the Arts. They have been great fun to work on, and I believe I’ve demonstrated how effective I can be in short, medium and long term corporate and crisis situations:

Youth Parliament for Wales

With current Llanelli MP, Nia Griffith, discussing the Cofio Jim campaign.

With current Llanelli MP, Nia Griffith, discussing the Cofio Jim campaign.

One of the first campaigns I championed was for a Youth Assembly for Wales back in late 2015. This is now something the Welsh Government supports. I prepared a proposal for a Youth Parliament, rejected by the First Minister, but continued to appear in the media in Wales to discuss my ideas and the campaign. I was a key media spokesman, writing for two of Wales' leading think-tanks, the Institute for Welsh Affairs and Gorwel, on the matter.  As a result of my work, I was nominated and shortlisted as a finalist in the Leading in Wales awards in 2015.


I was the key cheerleader to remember Wales’ forgotten statesman, Jim Griffiths, who was the first Secretary of State for Wales and an MP for Llanelli from 1936-70. I set up the campaign to erect a statue of him in Llanelli, which is still going strong today. The campaign has showed my ability to bring people of all political persuasions together in a common cause. For more information, please visit here.

Fresh Notations

Now, alongside composer and conductor Gabrielle Woodward, I am doing my bit to widen access in classical music. I assist Gabrielle with Fresh Notations, a new blog series that breaks down how classical music is reviewed and written about. On the website you’ll find articles that talk about classical music concerts across the UK in a modern and dynamic way, as well as thought-provoking opinion pieces on the place of classical music in 21st century society. Please take a look at how I have helped deliver this campaign with Gabrielle on the website.