Academic focus and other notable positions held


Education is incredibly important to Theo. He was taught through the medium of Welsh up to the age 13, and was then sent to two of the most prestigious schools in this area of the UK.

At Llandovery College, Theo was an active pupil in sport, politics and cultural activities.  He established and was President of the Carwyn James Welsh Society, where he organised for the First Minister to give an address, as well as President of the Drama Society and Captain of Llandovery College Football.

I was very pleased when Theo invited me back to give the opening lecture of the 2017/2018 year, exactly 57 years after I attended my first lecture of the OUAS. It was very good to be back in Oxford and to see that the Archaeological Society was still flourishing under Theo’s leadership. I wish him well and look forward to hearing more about him.
— Andrew Selkrik, Editor-in-Chief of Current Archaeology

He moved on to St. Michael's School in Llanelli in 2015, where he eventually achieved three A* grades in his A-levels and went up to Oxford in October 2016.

Since then, he has broadened his horizons through his degree, Archaeology and Anthropology.

Always interested in history, Theo had volunteered for organisations such as Llanelly House and Swansea Museum before going to university, and assisted the Dyfed Archaeological Trust with their fieldwork in Pembrey Country Park. Theo also wrote for Wales' independent think tank, the Institute for Welsh Affairs, on the importance of his chosen disciplines. 

Therefore, at Oxford, Theo has continued to work hard and learn more about the human past.

He has also intertwined his interest in media with his academic work, with his undergraduate dissertation looking at the anthropological concept of "time" in BBC radio stations.


As President of the Oxford University Archaeological Society for two terms during the 2018/19 academic year, Theo was managing finances, a student committee, and organising events with figures such as the Chief Executive of Historic England and the Director of the Ashmolean Museum.

Theo with the Director of the Ashmolean Museum, Dr Xa Sturgis, 2018.

Theo with the Director of the Ashmolean Museum, Dr Xa Sturgis, 2018.

As well as his historical, media and political work at Oxford (detailed in appropriate sections), however, Theo has involved himself in a wide variety of tasks.

Theo was a member of the his college’s JCR committee in his first year at the University, managing a £5000 budget to organise Freshers' week for the college.

He was also the Communications Officer for Oxford First-Generation Students, communicating a media strategy for campaigns tailored to students who would not normally be the stereotypical Oxford student.

Most recently, Theo was appointed as Lead Organiser of the prestigious St. David's Day events at the "Welsh College", Jesus.

This is rather extraordinary considering Theo is not a member of the college as a student, but is leading the Development and Events team in preparing a set piece schedule for proceedings fitting to the college's proud history in 2019. 

Theo is predicted to graduate with at least a 2:1 in 2019.  More information on these roles can be read on Theo's LinkedIn.