The story so far...

Theo Davies-Lewis is a 21-year-old student at the University of Oxford, reading Archaeology and Anthropology.

The son of a local florist from the heart of west Wales, specifically Llanelli, he is a proud fluent Welsh speaker who was educated at Ysgol Dewi Sant in his hometown, then Llandovery College, and finally St. Michael's School.

Throughout his life, he has been driven by his interests in media and politics; from his early work campaigning for a Youth Parliament for Wales to his recent achievements in re-establishing Oxford's Media Society, Theo has always gone above and beyond many people's expectations of him.

As this website suggests, Theo has a wide range of skills and experiences in campaigning, communication work, strategy, and broadcasting.

It is perhaps his media and political work, however, which has won him the most plaudits to date.

Theo’s passion and unrelenting enthusiasm to every challenge is why I’m sure Theo will have a bright and successful future. I would recommend Theo for any professional positions that arise in the future.
— Stephen Taylor, Oxford Student Union
Theo on S4C's Heno sofa earlier this year (2018)

Theo on S4C's Heno sofa earlier this year (2018)

He has interviewed journalists such as the BBC's Nick Robinson; politicians like former Deputy Prime Minister, Lord Heseltine, and former Australian prime Minister, Kevin Rudd; acclaimed actors, including Dame Siân Phillips; and significant spiritual figureheads like the Rt Revd Dr Steven Croft, the Bishop of Oxford.

These interviews have been broadcast across radio and video, and Theo has also broadened his broadcasting horizons by appearing as a regular pundit on the BBC in Wales, most recently here (around 25 minutes in) as well as gaining much experience from placements in organisations such as News UK's prestigious summer school, WalesOnline, and ITV.

Most notably, his relaunching of Oxford's student radio station, Oxide Radio, and the Oxford University Media Society, through months of hard work has meant that Theo's work was noticed by a much wider audience.


I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Theo. It is not always enjoyable; revisiting ones sometimes distant past but Theo’s energy and engaging curiosity made the experience out of the ordinary and highly agreeable!

I would imagine that, ability aside, this enthusiasm ,disciplined energy and relish for work will serve him well in many other contexts.

Dame Siân Phillips

In the Summer of 2018, Theo interned with Portland Communications in London, one of the leading political communications consultancy in the country, enhancing his ability as a communicator in a challenging and competitive working environment. Read what Theo's supervisor said about him here.

Currently, he has established a new campaign to recognise the work of former Welsh Secretary and local MP, James 'Jim' Griffiths, in West Wales. Theo has managed the strategy, content, communications, logistics and co-ordination of the campaign.  So far, the #CofioJim campaign has gathered huge momentum, with coverage in the BBC, and support coming in from across the political landscape. Visit the website of the campaign to find out more. 

As Theo heads into 2019, he is not stopping his professional work despite his studies. He is continuing producing and presenting the video series, Between the Spires, as well as hosting discussion events under the brand’s umbrella, to ensure Oxford's diverse voices are heard more across the media.

Theo is interested in pursuing a career in communications or journalism after he graduates in 2019, and is actively open to opportunities in these sectors.