Theo Davies-Lewis

Filming Between the Spires in October 2018.

Filming Between the Spires in October 2018.

Theo Davies-Lewis is a highly motivated and skilled student at the University of Oxford, who has gained a wide range of experiences in the world of journalism, communications and broadcasting at a local, university and national level. This website is dedicated to his work and current projects. 


Latest news

Theo new Chair of Darogan

Theo has recently become to co-chair of the Darogan Network, an initiative he has pioneered to ensure that Wales’ economy, politics and industry is boosted by its graduates returning to Wales after university. To find out more about how Theo has managed the public relations, policy drive, and the organisational strategy of Darogan here.


Taking Talent to Wales

The concept of “time” explored

Theo has now started writing his thesis on BBC radio and the anthropological concept of time. This was made possible by months of research into anthropological theory and ethnographic work that Theo carried out in BBC 5 Live, BBC Wales and BBC Oxford. The thesis is towards his degree at Oxford.

Radio 5 studio 1994.jpg

A look at the BBC

Theo steps down from the Media Society

Theo has officially stepped down as President of Oxford’s Media Society, an organisation which he founded at the start of 2018. Alan Rusbridger, former editor-in-chief of The Guardian, said that Theo has carried out a “Phoenix-like revival” of the organisation.


The end of an era


Current Projects



Theo has co-ordinated all aspects of the campaign to recognise the huge contribution made to Wales by Llanelli's former MP and the first ever Secretary of State for Wales. Jim Griffiths.

Learn more here.


Theo has become to o-Chair of Darogan, a new network he established to encourage graduates to return to work in Wales after they finish their degree. It aims to provide a solution to Wales’ “Brain Drain” problems

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Between the Spires

Having relaunched Oxford's student radio station and presented its most popular shows, you'd think Theo had done it all. But, no, this new video series will be broadcasting from October 2018.

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"I have known Theo all of my life. He is personable, smart and confident, and has one of the most remarkable work ethics I have seen.  An esteemed broadcaster at the tender of age twenty, I have enjoyed Theo's success in a variety of fields for many years now. I am sure whatever he decides to do after university he will make a huge impact."

— The Venerable Archdeacon of Carmarthen, Dorrien Davies